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Espresso drinks crafted for your liking

We bring a blend of specialty crafted family recipes to provide the most delicious pastries and drinks

Cabana do Café is a Brazilian inspired coffee shop with a mix of crafted and family recipes that aim to please many different palates. Our love for coffee and its many flavor combinations are a perfect match to our Brazilian Pão de Queijo or Cabana's delightful sweets.

Pão de Queijo


Pão de Queijo is a Brazilian delicacy that is widely available around the country, and originally estimated to be originated around the 1700's, in Minas Gerais, Brazil.

Served in many different variations and flavors, every family and restaurant may have a variation of a classic recipe that suits to one's specific taste, and at Cabana's, you will find our own special recipe that has been passed in our family for years, and tweaked to fit the local taste. Its main ingredients is cheese and tapioca flour, which also makes the product naturally free of gluten.

Be greeted by one of the Cabana personnel with courtesy and respect

Why Coffee Matters 


We have been honing our barista and coffee skills for years, with multiple barista trainings and experience working with coffee to ensure we can provide you the best experience possible. Come try our house recipes for a brand new coffee experience or for your beloved classics as well!

Our coffee provider, Nossa Familia Coffee uses their family farms in Brazil, in operation since late 1800's to provide high quality coffee, then roasted in their Portland facility and immediately shipped for a coffee bean that is always high quality and with a weekly fresh roast, come try out our espresso today!

Our Partners / Providers

Brazilian Coffee Roaster Nossa Familia weekly ships freshly roasted coffee
the Cabana can provide custom orders with our partner Donut Palace for events and more
Photos taken by M Rawlings Photography
hand blended Metolius Artisan Tea

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