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Media and Videos

Pão de Queijo
Docinho de Coco
Piña Colada Cake
Key lime tartlet
Key Lime tartlet
Loca Mocha Freeze
Passion fruit tartlet
Blended Red Bull
Passion Fruit Smoothie
Iced Tea
Marionberry Smoothie
Italian Soda
Cinnamon Roll Latte
Turkish Coffee
Chocolate Blackberry Mocha
Brigadeiro Cake
Brigadeiro Mocha
Cardamom Rose Latte

Photos by M Rawlings Photography

Photos taken by M Rawlings Photography

Check out FOX12 coverage of our cafe!

Coverage of FOX12 local news of our cafe (Video is property of FOX12 NEWS)

Cabana do Cafe does not own the above video or rights to it. This video and rights are property of FOX12 news.

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